Does your child have ADHD/ADD, autism, severe anxiety or some kind of learning challenge? Our instructors have been certified to work with students who have ADHD or are on the autism scale.

Our school is currently one of only two schools in Oregon certified to train students impacted by ADHD or high-functioning autism through the Behind-the-Wheel with ADHD program. We use repetition, frequent reminders, and other training resources to help them become safe, capable drivers.

Standard driver education curriculum does not address all of your needs while you learn to drive. This training gives you specialized tools and strategies for your learning profile to reduce frustration and ensure your success.

Driving Lessons for Teens with Learning Challenges

Set them up for success! It can be scary to think about starting to drive, especially if you have challenges with ADD/ADHD, anxiety, or other learning challenges. We will set you for success by giving you the driver's education you need to be a responsible driver - and peace of mind to your loved ones as well!

Our coaches are all trained and certified to provide expert instruction to drivers with special needs, including learning difficulties, executive functioning issues, attention deficit disorders, and anxiety challenges. Instructors are patient, well versed, and use easy-to-understand language and explanations. 

Some students need more practice to become proficient in their driving skills. Some students on IEPs have difficulty getting their learner's permit and, as a result, put off learning to drive until they are older. We help them become safe, capable drivers through repetition, frequent reminders, and other training resources.