To Get a Provisional Instruction Permit

To Get a Provisional Driver License

  • Be 16 or 17 years old
  • Take the sample practice knowledge test (optional) to prepare for the Safe Practices knowledge test
  • Have had an instruction permit​ for 6 months
  • Get driver training (optional)
  • Complete 100 hours supervised driving experience, or 50 hours if you have taken and passed an approved Driver Ed course​
  • Schedule a test with DMV by calling 503-945-5000
  • Fill out the application​ (with parent signature)
  • On testing day, take it to the DMV office where you scheduled your test
  • Show proof of your physical address and legal presence/identity
  • Pass the Safe Driving Practices Knowledge Test
  • Pass a vision test
  • Pass the drive test
  • Pay the $60 fee
  • Get your picture taken

To Get a Driver License