Benefit from a series of training webinars that offer you and your family peace of mind as your child with ADHD learns to drive. 

Designed and developed by experts familiar with ADHD and other executive function issues, this supplementary training material helps you and your parents manage the experience in a way that acknowledges your unique learning challenges.

Behind-the-Wheel with ADHD is a series of three recorded presentations, each about 50 minutes long, and includes this information:

  • New research about how anxiety plays a role in traffic safety for ADHD teens
  • Special dangers of distracted driving for ADHD teens
  • How you can use the coaching approach to work more effectively with your ADHD teen
  • Latest technologies available to support your efforts to minimize distractions
  • How stimulant medications impact driving competency

Module 1 - Foundations
Learn why your ADHD teen faces serious risks in driver safety not encountered by peers. While many driving skills are thought to be acquired naturally for most, we now know that for drivers with ADHD and other executive functioning deficits, these skills need to be integrated into a program that provides specific skills training and creates new cognitive routines. As parents, you need to know relevant updates about ongoing research in this area and what these insights reveal about the experience of learning to drive for your child.

Module 2 - Parenting Strategies for Novice Teen Drivers with ADHD
In this module, you'll get specific information about the most serious challenges to driving skills and traffic safety for teens who have ADHD or other learning differences. The strategies, tools, and recommendations in this section of our training will help you coach your teen effectively to keep them safe behind the wheel.

Module 3 - Recommendations and Resources from the Professionals
The final module offers you an in-depth presentation of useful resources and recommendations from professionals that parents can use to help implement the strategies we suggest for enhancing the driver training experience for novice teen drivers with ADHD. You'll get takeaways about the important documents and templates that we recommend, which professional instructors also use.

Important Webinar for Parents

Behind-the-Wheel with ADHD is offering a professional webinar for the parents of special needs drivers. Gayle and Ann are the program's creators and bring their experience to this webinar for parents. The webinar will give you peace of mind and keep your teen with ADHD safe when driving behind the wheel.

  • How to use the coaching approach to work more effectively with your teen who has ADHD.
  • Specific tools and strategies to help mitigate risks and confusion while driving.
  • Stimulant medications and how they impact driving competency.
  • The latest available technologies for mitigating distractions.
  • The special dangers of distracted driving for teens with ADHD.

The webinar is in three modules (50 minutes each). Module 1 focuses on risks in driver safety, specific skill training, and cognitive routines. Module 2 focuses on specific strategies and recommendations for parents coaching their teens. The 3rd and final module is a detailed presentation of useful resources and professional recommendations on implementing coaching strategies.

Driving Diversity Multilingual Driving School LLC receives no compensation for this referral. This webinar offers you peace of mind and will help you keep your teen with ADHD safe behind-the-wheel.

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